The ABC's of Wealth Financial Literacy Program



 Read 3 minutes a day

Remember. Review.


Learn 130+ Key Words

Review 1 Key Word per week 



 Repeat every 2.5 years 

for a Lifetime

Why It Works


P is for this Powerful Family Financial Literacy Program and Book

The  ABC's of Wealth is a simple and effective financial literacy program  and book that every family can engage with every day-no matter how busy  their schedule. 

H is for How this Program Works...

Read 3 minutes a day from The ABC's of Wealth book.

Remember 130+ Key Words woven throughout every line.

Review 1 Key Word each week with your family-and it will take 2.5 years to get through all the terms!

Repeat the complete Key Word review every 2.5 years for a lifetime of learning.

L is for Learning in Stages...

Young children (ages 0-7) are  encouraged to expand their vocabulary as they learn the alphabet and  the basics of reading while memorizing this powerful poem

Children (ages 8-12) are encouraged to ask questions about Key Words, engage their parents  and teachers to explain the answers and write the answers in their very  own personal financial empowerment journal

Teens and Adults are  encouraged to research each key word and concept in depth, come up with  their very own definitions of personal and generational wealth and  write their personalized definitions in their financial empowerment  journal

M is for Maximizing Each Family Members’ Knowledge of Financial Terms...

Family members naturally and progressively expand and test their knowledge of  financial terminology over time-all in good fun-while increasing their  awareness of critical concepts that create and sustain wealth for a  lifetime. 

P is for this Phenomenal Addition to Every Family’s Personal Library...

The ABC’s of Wealth is a phenomenal addition to every family’s personal library.

Let’s talk about how you can share The ABC’s of Wealth with your family, your work place and community organizations today.  

S is for Starting Now...